"How to Get Dozens of Fresh Creatives Each Month, Sign Ambassadors, and Scale Paid Social with Influencer Marketing"

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What's the Process?

Our influencer & paid media experts will carefully curate, build and scale your influencer marketing program using our IGC system.

Find High Affinity Influencers

Match you with the right influencers...

We start with finding influencers that already have audiences with a high crossover of your current customer base.

Seed & Track Influencer Accounts

Find the ones that actually love your brand...

We believe 'seeding' - sending product for free - is the right way to build relationships with influencers that really last.

Negotiate Content Agreements

Get high-performance influencer generated content...

Influencer generated content is the most measurable way to drive ROI from your influencer strategy. We handle all this on your behalf.

Influencer Sponsored Paid Social Campaigns

Scale your paid ads using influencer-generated content...

Our proprietary system for sponsored influencer posts drives higher returns than the rest of our clients ads.